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Time tracking for freelancers.

Reclaim your time with the time tracking app designed for freelancers and small businesses.

Turnip makes it easy to track your time as you work, and automatically syncs with the services you already use.

Works with the tools you already use.

Stop copying your data from one system to another! Turnip integrates with the tools you already use to run your business, so you can spend less time on admin work, and more time doing what you love. (Or at least what pays the bills.)


We’re working on integrations with other accounting and time tracking tools. Something you’d love to see? Drop us a line to let us know!

Always by your side.

Turnip sits in your menu bar, so you’ll always know at a glance if your timer is running.

You can switch tasks, edit your time, start a new timer, or access statistics—all without leaving what you’re currently working on.

More money, more time.

Keeping tabs on how you spend your time doesn’t have to be yet another task. With Turnip’s intuitive, friendly interface, you can track your time without even thinking about it.

That means more time to do what you do best—whether that’s running a company or playing Nintendo.

Work smarter, not harder.

Use Turnip’s statistics and charts to help you understand how you’re spending your time.

Keep tabs on your time and take breaks to avoid burnout.

Seamless offline integration.

Whether you’re way out to sea or just suffering from a finicky connection, Turnip saves your progress in the background so you don't lose any valuable time.

Your data will all be synced once you’re back online again.

Designed for and by freelancers.

There’s a bajillion time trackers already out there. We know, because we’ve used a lot of them ourselves, and none of them met our needs.

So we sat down and built Turnip. We’re pretty proud of it, and we think you’re going to love it.

Sarah and Matt, Octopus Think

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Turnip is the easiest way to track your time and get paid for your work. Get started today with a 30 day free trial.

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