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Coming soon(-ish) 🚧

Turnip is under active development. We prioritise features and improvements based on user feedback. If there’s anything you think would make Turnip better, please drop us a line and let us know! We hearing from you.

Coming later

Toggl integration

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Harvest integration

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Xero integration

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Wave integration

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Customisable stats system

What’s new 🚀

What have we shipped recently?

New in 1.4

New settings

Want more control over how Turnip tracks your time? We’ve got you covered with new settings!

You’ll be able to set how long before Turnip asks you if you were idle, or disable idle checks entirely. We're also adding settings to control how Turnip rounds your time. You can choose to round up, down, or to the nearest interval, and set the interval to whatever you like. And of course, if you happen to be a stickler for precision, you can disable rounding entirely.

New in 1.4

Edit integration tags

You can now add and edit integration tags directly in Turnip—no more logging into FreeAgent or FreshBooks to make changes! You can edit the label, hourly rate, and colour.

You can also add new tags directly from Turnip by selecting your project or company as the parent tag. Any new or updated tags will be synced back to FreeAgent or FreshBooks when you save.

New in 1.4

Customise menubar highlight

Not into purple? You can now change the colour Turnip uses for the active timer in the menubar. We provide some suggestions, or you can pick any shade your heart desires.

Improved in 1.4

Softer look & feel

Turnip is now a little gentler on the eyes. We’ve dialed back the contrast on the components you use the most for a more relaxing experience.

Improved in 1.3

Better onboarding & stats

We’ve made some improvements to the onboarding and trial setup, so you can get started with Turnip easier.

For current users, we’ve made some big performance improvements to stats, so you should see your stats loading much faster now.

New in 1.2

Shinier stats

Rejoice, data nerds: we’ve completely overhauled Turnip’s stats! ✨

There are different charts and views for the day, week, and month. We’ve also added stats widgets so you can gain further insights into how you spend your time. And finally, we’ve added the ability to navigate backward through your historical data, so you can see how your time tracking has changed over time.

New in 1.2

Daily goals

You can now set a daily goal for how much time you want to track each day of the week. Turnip will keep tabs on your progress and let you know how you’re doing. There may be pastry-based rewards. 🍩

New in 1.2

Manual refresh

You can now manually refresh your data from Accounts. Turnip automatically syncs at regular intervals, but this is useful if you’re impatient, or if you’ve just made a change in your account and want to see it reflected in Turnip.

Integration added in 1.1


We’ve added a FreshBooks integration! Import your clients, projects, and services as tags to track all your FreshBooks time in Turnip. We also sync all of your existing time from FreshBooks into Turnip.

New in 1.0

Mark done at end of day

Turnip will now automatically mark your time slips as done at the end of the day. If you’re still working at midnight (we see you, you night owls!), Turnip will create a copy of your time slip and mark the original as done.

New in 1.0

Undo deleted timers

Accidentally deleted a time slip? No worries! You can now recover your deleted time for a brief period after deleting them—just click on "undo" in the interface.

Integration added in 1.0


We’re FreeAgent users ourselves, so we’ve tested this a long time. Connect your account to import your projects and tasks as tags and your time will automatically be synced back to FreeAgent when a time slip is marked done.


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