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Terms of Service

Turnip is a free app with an optional in-app subscription, managed by Apple’s App Store subscription billing. Octopus Think Ltd., the developers of Turnip (hereafter referred to as “we”), do not collect your billing info.


For any part of the app that requires a subscription that you sign up to, you will be billed in advance on a recurring and periodic basis—either monthly or annually—depending on the type of plan you select when purchasing your Turnip subscription.

Free Trials

We offer a free trial for all new users of Turnip. This trial begins once you start using Turnip and lasts for thirty (30) days. Every user gets one free trial. The trial is zero-obligation and does not require signing up for a subscription.


You can cancel your subscription in Turnip via the “Manage Subscription” button in the “Subscription” screen. You can also cancel anywhere you can manage your App Store subscriptions (in the “App Store” app on macOS or in the “Settings” app on iOS).

You won’t get a refund for your current subscription period if you cancel, but you’ll be able to access the service until the end of your current subscription period.


Except when required by law, subscription fees are non-refundable. We offer a free trial first, so you can make sure Turnip works for you before you commit to a subscription.


When you send us feedback (usually via email at, but also via social media), you’re cool with us using it to diagnose issues and promote the app. That said, we won’t use your name/face/etc. without your permission, and we won’t use anything identifiable without your permission either.


We respect your privacy, don’t sell your data, and require explicit opt-in for analytics and crash reporting. See more in our Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions about these terms, contact us by email:


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