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Hi there! We’re Sarah and Matt, and together, we’re Octopus Think, makers of apps that don’t suck.

Photograph of a redheaded woman with glasses wearing a black t-shirt (Sarah) and a short-haired man (Matt), both sticking out their tongues non-seriously, surrounded by stuffed octopus toys of various sizes.

You may be familiar with Mic Drop, our Apple-featured mic-muting app for macOS.

We’ve both spent a lot of time working as freelancers, so we’ve always needed a good way to track our time and bill it to clients.

We’ve tried a lot of different time-tracking apps in the past, but none of them really worked for us. We wanted something that was simple to use, didn’t track us, and integrated with our book-keeping system of choice (FreeAgent) so that we could easily send our time to an invoice without having to do monthly data-entry.

So we built Turnip. We’ve been using it for years and we think it’s great. We hope you do too.

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