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How do I track my time with Turnip?

Start a timer by using the at the top of the screen.

We recommend adding tags to your time slip to help keep things organised.

You can pause your timer, start new ones, and even run multiple timers at the same time.

The current time for your most recent timer will show in your menu bar. You can pause and play running timers directly from the menu bar.

Once you’re done, mark your time as done. Done timers move to your done timer list and sync with your account.

How does it work with my integration?

If you tag a time slip with a tag imported from one of your accounts, your time will be synced back to that account when you’re done.

More about tagging

What happens when I mark time done?

When you mark time done, it moves to the done list. You can still edit or delete time slips that are marked as done.

If your time slip is tagged with a tag imported from an integration, Turnip will sync your time to your account when you mark it done.

If you mark as timer with less than one minute of time, it will be rounded up to a minute when marked as done.

If you check “Mark all time done at end of day” in Settings, all active time slips will be marked done at midnight. If you’re in the middle of timing at midnight (we see all you 🌙🦉), Turnip will make a copy of your current time slip. Your current time will be marked as done, and you’ll automatically start timing from zero on a new time slip.

How does rounding work?

If you enable “Round time” in settings, Turnip will round your time when you mark it as done. Whether you’re someone who bills clients in 30 minute intervals or just likes their time slips in consistent intervals, timer rounding helps keep your time consistent.

You can select any interval from 1-60 minutes. The default is 15 minutes.

There are three options for rounding time:

  • Down: Round time down to the nearest interval. 16-29 minutes would all be rounded down to 15 minutes.
  • Nearest: Round time to the nearest interval, whichever is closer. 16-22 minutes would be rounded down to 15 minutes, 23-29 minutes would be rounded up to 30 minutes. (Default.)
  • Up: Round time up to the nearest interval. 16-29 minutes would all be rounded up to 30 minutes.

If you enable time rounding, but you mark a timer with less than 15 minutes (or your interval) as done, it will still round it up to 15 minutes. This is because we assume you want your timers all in consistent intervals when using rounding, but we don’t want to round down to 1 minute, which is the least amount of time Turnip will set when marking a timer as done.

Once you edit a “done” timer, it will not round again. Rounding only happens when the timer is marked as done.

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