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How does the FreshBooks integration work?

To connect your FreshBooks account to Turnip, go to Accounts > Add New and follow the prompts.

When you add your FreshBooks account, Turnip will automatically import all your clients, projects, and services as tags.

When you tag a time slip with a tag imported from your FreshBooks account, that time will be synced to your FreshBooks account when you mark it done.

What data does Turnip import from FreshBooks?

Turnip imports all of your clients, projects, and services from FreshBooks. You can use these to tag your time slips. Turnip follows FreshBooks’ data structure for tagging, so you can tag a time slip with any combination of tags that FreshBooks allows (eg. client + service, project + service, etc).

Turnip will also show all of your existing FreshBooks time, whether it was tracked with Turnip, on the FreshBooks website, or anywhere else.

Why does my client or project not appear in my tags?

Only active clients will appear in your tags. If you’d like to use a client or project with Turnip, you’ll need to make them active.

Tags are updated on a regular basis. If a new tag doesn’t appear right away, go to Accounts > Refresh Data to force an immediately refresh.

How do I add a new client, project, or service?

Right now, you can’t add a new service, client, or project from Turnip directly—you’ll need to do that from the FreshBooks website. Once you’ve added the new item, Turnip will update your tags.

We’re working on a seamless way of adding new FreshBooks items directly from Turnip. If this is a feature that’s blocking your workflow, please drop us a line to let us know.

How do I post my time back to FreshBooks?

When you mark a timer as done, it will move to the done list. The time will automatically be posted to FreshBooks. If you’re offline when you mark the timer done, we’ll wait until you’re back online and post the time.

You can also have timers automatically mark as done at the end of each day. We recommend enabling this setting to ensure your time is always synced.

Can I edit my time?

You sure can! Just select the time slip you’d like to edit from the done timers list and edit the time. Turnip will update the time record and sync it back to FreshBooks for you.

If you update your time in FreshBooks, Turnip will also update to show your changes.

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