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How can I use tags to organise my time?

Turnip works best when you use tags to organise your time. If you’re using an integration, Turnip will automatically import tags from your account.

If you’re using Turnip on its own, you can create as many tags as you want and use them however you want—it’s totally up to you.

Tags are used to show you a breakdown of how you’ve spent your time in the stats panel.

How are tags imported from my accounts?

We import projects, tasks, etc. from your integration and allow to track time to them in the same way you can from say, the FreshBooks website. We simplify the number of things you need to select to make creating a new timer or viewing stats as streamlined as possible.

For example, when using FreeAgent or FreshBooks, we hide “clients” and show just your projects, since we’ve found that project names are distinct enough to serve as useful tags.

You can learn more about how Turnip converts your tags on each specific integration page.

If you update the tags in your integration, Turnip will sync those changes in background. We check for updates on a regular basis, but if you’ve made a change very recently and don’t see your updates in Turnip yet, you can force a refresh by going to Accounts > Refresh Data.

What happens when I use a tag imported from my account?

When you tag a time slip with an imported tag, that time is associated with your account. When you mark the time done, your time will be saved and synced to your account.

How do I change the colour of my tags?

When you create or import a tag, it is automatically assigned a colour so you can identify it. If you’d like to change the colour, you can do this from Tags > Edit.


The text field here accepts any valid HTML colour value:

  • named colours like “hotpink” or “aquamarine”
  • HEX codes like #9900cc or #aaffee
  • RGB(A) or HSL(A) codes

You can also select a colour from the drop-down, which we’ve seeded with a selection of distinct and as-accessible-as-we-could-make-them colours.

If you’re using an integration and you have multiple child tags with the same name (ie, Project A > Design and Project B > Design), Turnip will give the child tags the same colour unless you manually change them. This way, all your design tasks will use the same colour-coding scheme.

Want to generate a distinctive palette super-quickly? Try this tool.

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